About Dancing-Eyes Culture

Dancing-Eyes Culture is a collective; a spirit. Featuring topics, include: art, wellness, marketing and resources.  


All wearable art is handcrafted and designed by Dancing-Eyes, herself.  Each featured artist or link is an approved Creator or Vendor, we encourage them and lend our support.

Origin story, like most, comes from my Mother

I took my then 3 year old daughter Naomi for a stroll along the walking path in the Lynn Woods - Lynn is city located north of Boston.  It was a beautiful October afternoon and I can remember admiring the glorious Fall foliage, about a mile or so along the path, we were greeted by a woman (about mid-50's), her adult daughter and young child. We stopped briefly and greeted each other, the grandmother admired my daughter and said, "what a beautiful child you have",  the daughter said, "she has beautiful bright eyes", the grand mother then said, " you should name her Dancing-Eyes." They explained, we’re of the Massasoit family and we name our children by their spirit and features, and she is definitely Dancing-Eyes.  I was really touched, honored and blessed by this chance meeting and thanked them profusely for their compliments and for my daughter's new name. The grandmother said, "we were meant to meet today." As  I continued on my way, I said to my daughter - well, Miss Dancing-Eyes, you have a new name. From that day on I introduced my daughter as Naomi Miriam Dancing-Eyes.